History is full of ordinary people with extraordinary stories

About me

I have always been an avid reader. I read all sorts of fiction, from classic to contemporary. These days I also read a lot of non-fiction too, in my search to create authentic and thought-provoking historical novels. My aim is to re-imagine history with the addition of fascinating characters and page-turning plots.

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After enjoying talking to book addicts at nine Cumbria libraries, Deborah has now completed her tour – except for Windermere, the date of which will soon be confirmed. Look out for her later in the year in Tyneside Libraries, in a joint event organised by the Historical Writers Association,

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News and Reviews

My novel for Teens and Adults, ‘Shadow on the Highway’, about the Highwaywoman Lady Katherine Fanshawe will be published by Endeavour Press.
Latest Review of A Divided Inheritance:
‘I was thoroughly gripped until the end of this exhilarating book. And I would highly recommend this swashbuckling tale of lace, swordsmen, Spanish dancing, spice and romance if you enjoy a historical novel with a difference’ – Sixtyplussurfers online magazine

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Writer’s Page

Why not pop over to my blog ‘The Riddle of Writing’ and see how my next novel is going? You will find posts there about my writing process and contributions from other writers about their craft. Click on the pic for details of courses.

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"Give me more! A delight!" - Susanna Gregory